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Systems of Equations with 3 Variables

Free Algebra Worksheet

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Subject:   Algebra 2

Description: In this worksheet students must solve systems of equations with three variables using either the substitution or elimination method.# of Problems:   0

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Answer Key?:   No

Sample Problems from Algebra Worksheet

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1. The solution to a system of three equations in three variables is ____ one point. Use the elimination method to solve the system. (2-4) Solve the system by the method of substitution. (5-6) 10. Tasty Bakery sells three kinds of muffins: chocolate chip muffins for $0.65 each, oatmeal muffins for $0.70 each, and blueberry muffins for $0.75 cents each. Charles buys some of each kind and chooses three more chocolate chip muffins than blueberry muffins. If he spends $6.85 on 10 muffins, how many of each type of muffin does he buy? Write and solve a system of three equations in three variables. Show your work.

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