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Biconditional Statements and Good Definitions

Free Geometry Worksheet - Biconditional Statements and Good Definitions

To write and identify biconditional statements.


Problems require students to identify and write biconditional statements (an "if-then" statement that is true in both directions). Students must also identify and explain good definitions.

# of Problems:   12

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Answer Key?:   Yes

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Biconditional Statements – Good Definitions

1) A statement combining a conditional and its converse is called a _____.

The following conditional statements are true. If the converse is also true, combine the statements as a biconditional.

2) If 3x – 2 = 13, then x = 5.
3) If two angles have equal measures, then they are congruent.
4) If x = 4, then | x | = 4.
5) If three points are collinear, then they lie on the same line.

Write each biconditional as two conditionals that are converses of each other.
6) An angle is a right angle if and only if its measure is 90.

Identify each statement below as a good definition or not a good definition. Explain your answer.
9) A triangle is a polygon with exactly three sides.
10) A square is a figure with four right angles.

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