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Points, Lines, and Planes - Collinear and Coplanar

Free Geometry Worksheet - Points, Lines, and Planes - Collinear and Coplanar

1. To learn the vocabulary of points, lines, and planes.


This worksheet covers some basics terms and postulates of geometry. Vocabulary includes point, line, plane, collinear, and coplanar.

# of Problems:   14

# of Pages:   2

Answer Key?:   Yes

Sample Problems from Worksheet

(Worksheet pictures and diagrams not shown) Worksheet
Points, Lines, and Planes

1) Name the two planes in the above figure.

2) List the points labeled in the above figure.

Classify each statement as true of false.

3) AB contains H.

10) C,G, B, and A are coplanar.

11) C,G, and A are coplanar.

13) A and C are collinear.

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