Properties of Equality & Congruence - Reasoning in Algebra

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Properties of Equality & Congruence - Reasoning in Algebra Worksheet

This worksheets begins with a review of the properties of equality and congruence. Properties covered include the addition property, subtraction property, multiplication property, reflexive property, symmetric property, transitive property, and substitution property. Students must use the properties to justify their steps when applying the segment addition and angle addition postulates. The worksheet concludes with a couple basic two-column geometric proofs.


2. To use the algebraic properties of equality and congruence to justify steps and complete proofs


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Properties from Algebra

1-7) Match each statement with the appropriate property of equality.

Justify each statement with a property from algebra or definition or postulate from geometry.
8) If AB = CD and BC = BC, then AB + BC = CD + BC
9) If 3m∠1 = 93 then m∠1 = 31
10) BC ≅ BC
11) If point A is on the interior of ∠XOY, then m∠XOA + m∠AOY = m∠XOY
12) If m∠1 = m∠3 and m∠2 = m∠3, then m∠1 = m∠2.
13) If AB ≅ CD and CD ≅ EF, then AB ≅ EF.

14-15) 14) Complete the proof.

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