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Triangle Congruence Proofs - SSS & SAS Postulates

Free Geometry Worksheet - Triangle Congruence Proofs - SSS & SAS Postulates

To complete triangle congruence proofs using SAS and SSS


This worksheet contains problems and proofs that involve showing that two triangles are congruent using the SSS and SAS postulates. These proofs also require an understanding of previous properties, definitions, postulates, and theorems such as the segment addition postulate, angle addition postulate, the reflexive and substitutition properties of equality, and definitions of congruent segments, vertical angles, etc.

# of Problems:   10

# of Pages:   4

Answer Key?:   Yes

Sample Problems from Worksheet

(Worksheet pictures and diagrams not shown) Worksheet :
Triangle Congruence Proofs – SSS, SAS

1-5)  Complete two-column and paragraph proofs

6-7) Decide whether you can use SSS or SAS Postulate to prove that the triangles below are congruent. If so a) write the congruence statement and b) identify the postulate. If not, write not possible.

8) Supply the reasons for the proof below.

9-10) Write a two Column Proof.

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