Equivalent Fractions - Simplest Form - Notes Sheet

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PDF: Pre-Algebra - fractions, equivalent fractions, simplest form

Equivalent Fractions - Simplest Form - Notes Sheet Worksheet

This Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet was used for taking notes in a middle-school Pre-Algebra class. Students must define equivalent fractions, simplest form, GCF, and shade models to represent fractions.


4. To write equivalent fractions and reduce fractions to simplest form.


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Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet
Equivalent Fractions

Each fraction model represents one whole. The first model is divided into four equal parts. The orange model is divided into twelve equal part. Shade each model to represent the given fractions.

A fraction is in ______________________________ form when the numerator and denominator have no common factors other than one.

You can use the _________ to write a fraction in simplest form.

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