Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates

Worksheet (Pre-Algebra)

PDF: Pre-Algebra - ratios, rates, unit rates

Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates Worksheet

This Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet contains problems on ratios, rates, and unit rates. Students must write ratios in three different ways (1 to 2, 1:2, 1/2). They must also find unit rates for given situations and write the asnwer as a fraction.


6. To write ratios and find unit rates


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Ratios and Unit Rates

Write the ratio in simplest form in three ways.
1) hearts to smiley faces

2) smiley faces to suns

3) smiley faces to stars

4) total objects to hearts

5) hearts and suns to smiley faces

6) stars to hearts and smiley faces

7) total objects to hearts and stars

8) suns and stars to total objects

9) smiley faces to hearts and stars

10) Joey has four dimes, six quarters, and a penny. Write the ratio of quarters to dimes in simplest form in 3 ways.

Find the unit rate. Write the answer as a fraction.

11) 180 km in 3 hours

14) $48 for 4 days

16) 1575 words in 25 min


17) 230 miles using 10 gallons. How many miles on 1 gallon?

18) $99 for 3 days. How much for 1 day?

19) $56 for 4 days. How much for 7 days?

20) 148 miles on 4 gallons. How many miles on 3 gallons?

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