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Exponential Functions - Applications - Compound Interest - Growth and Decay

Free Trigonometry Worksheet - Exponential Functions - Applications - Compound Interest - Growth and Decay

To use exponential functions to calculate compound interest and rates of increase and decrease


This free trigonometry worksheets contains problems on applications of exponential functions. Students must find interest compounded annually, semi-annually, quarterly, and continuously. Other problems involve finding the rate of increase and rate of decrease of bacteria in a culture,

# of Problems:   10

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Answer Key?:   Yes

Sample Problems from Worksheet

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Applications on Exponential Functions

A. Find the compound amount at the end of 10 years on an original principal of $200 at 4%
1) compounded annually
2) compounded semi-annually
3) compounded quarterly
4) compounded continuously

B. What time is required to double a certain amount
1) compounded annually at 6%
2) compounded continuously at 6%

C. There are originally 1 000 bacteria in a culture, and 4 hours later there are 4 000. Find the rate of increase per hour of the bacteria.

D. In a certain chemical reaction, the original concentration of 0.03 is reduced to 0.01 in 4 minutes
1) What is the rate of decrease in concentration per minute?
2) What will be the concentration be in 10 minutes?

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