The Arithmetic Game

In this math game you need choose numbers from a grid that will successfully complete an equation at the bottom of the screen. The equation becomes longer and harder as the game advances. The faster you complete the equation, the higher the score you get.

Connect and Lineup Four

This is the classic strategy game of Connect Four. In this game you and the computer take turns to put down coloured pegs, once the peg of a colour forms a line of 4, the game is won. The smaller the number of pegs used when the computer is beaten, the higher the score.


In this game you remove mahjonggs by picking them by pairs. You can only pick a mahjongg if it is on the top of the stack and it can be reached from the left or from the right. You need to pick the mahjonggs strategically because a single mahjongg can block the access of a lot of mahjonggs, so it is wise to pick such mahjonggs first.


Play Tetris online! The objective of this game is to control the position of the dropping blocks so you are able to form complete rows. As you do, the rows will be destroyed and the shapes will move down a square. Don't let the shapes fill up the well!

Robo Chess

Put your problem solving skills to test. This intelligent talking robot is capable of playing a serious game of chess. It takes careful thinking and strategy to beat this thing. The rules are the same as normal chess.

Crazy Cube

In this fun and addictive puzzle game, the objective is to link every pair of like colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally and all black cells are blocked.

Brain Machine

This is a great math game that requires the player to quickly calculate sums, differences, quotients, and products. The objective is to train your brain by searching for the two numbers that will make the equation at the bottom true. Keep an eye on the brainpower meter to see how well you do.

Add Like Mad

Test your addition skills in this challenging math game.

Click on the squares to add the numbers so they equal the value under the word "Number". If you add the numbers fast enough you will get bonus points. If you click on numbers that don't add to the target number you will have to start over. Be careful - if you run out of numbers that you need, you'll get stuck. Good luck and have fun!

Math Pac Man

This math game is a pac man game with a twist. In this game you need to control the Math Man to eat all the ghosts. You can only eat the ghosts after you have eaten a special food (the question mark). To start the game, immediately eat a question mark. This will give you a formula that you must solve. Then you can eat the ghost displaying the answer. When the game advances, there will be more ghosts and the formulas will be harder. Use the arrow keys to move the Math Man around in the maze.


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