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Struggling with Calculus?  Just get started on your first Calculus course?

Calculus is a big step up from Algebra and Geometry.  I know math teachers who refuse to teach Calculus as they don't feel confident in their skills.  It's no wonder that many students go into their first calculus course with trepidation and fear.

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I remember my first calculus course like it was yesterday.  The teacher was feared by just about everyone.  His class was considered to be the toughest in the school.  But I had a secret weapon.  Math and Calculus never came easy to me.  But I also knew that I could learn the theorems and properties as long as I had a teacher that was willing to answer all of my questions and help me with problems.  I was lucky.  That teacher, my secret weapon, was my mother, who would takes hours out of her evenings to help me work through problems and explain theorems and properties to me.  I credit her one-on-one help in both Calculus and all my math classes as the only reason I am a teacher today.

The students who excel in my calculus classes usually have parents or somebody else at home that they can bounce ideas off of or seek help with homework problems. There is nothing worse than not being able to figure out a problem only to have the teacher skim over it the next day in class.  Often if you don't learn the material the first time, you won't have a second chance.  And once you fall behind in Calculus, you might as well forget it.  Catching up is very, very hard.

One-to-One Instruction is a key to Calculus Success

Unfortunately, most students do not have parents at home who can help with Calculus problems.  Even if one took Calculus in the past, chances are that most of the knowledge has faded.  To be a good teacher of Calculus, you must use Calculus on a daily basis.  Most of us do not have the opportunities to do this.

So where can you go for help?  Let's go ahead and just dismiss the corporate tutoring companies and individual private tutors.  First, prices can range from around $35-$70 per hour for Calculus tutoring.  Second, these tutors are never available when you really need them like at 10PM the night before an exam or assignment due date. 

The Answer is Online Calculus Tutoring

With online calculus tutoring, you can receive an expert online calculus tutor that is available for you 24/7, seven days week.  You can even receive the same tutor every time if you want to arrange set times and dates.  You can always find somebody to help if you need immediately assistance in the wee hours of the night. 

Live Online Calculus Tutoring is affordable for everyone.  Forget $35-$70 per single hour.  Most online tutoring services offer much lower hourly rates along with monthly plans that can bring rates down substantially. All tutoring takes place online using interactive whiteboard technology that allows the student and teacher to talk to each other and work through problems live. 

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