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Tutoring for Pre-Algebra Students

Pre-Algebra can be pivotal in the success that you or your child will have in all future math courses. Pre-Algebra is the foundation for everything that follows. Going into Algebra without the skills presented in Pre-Algebra is a recipe for disaster.

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To succeed in pre-algebra or any math class, most students need at least a little bit of help outside of school. It is so important to not fall behind. Students who have a parent or somebody else to help them at home when they get stuck on a homework problem or when studying for an exam are much more likely to succeed than the student who does not have this support. If a student is not able to complete a homework because of a lack of understanding, they can easily lose confidence and start to fall behind. It's almost impossible to recover in any math class once you fall behind.

Individual 1-to-1 Math Help is the Key to Pre-Algebra Success

Unfortunately, Pre-Algebra is also when many parents are no longer to help with homework as much as they used to or would like to. You could look into corporate tutoring centers or the traditional private tutor for help, but these can be costly (up to $55 per hour and more) and really do not meet the requirement of having someone available to help whenever you need it.  For example, good luck finding a private tutor to help you at midnight the night before a big exam. 

Online Pre-Algebra Tutoring is the Answer

With Online Pre-Algebra Tutoring, you or your child can receive an unlimited number of hours with a personal, expert Pre-Algebra tutor.  All tutoring is conducted online from the safety of your own home.   Tutors are available 24/7, plans are customized to your or childs needs, and the costs are extremely affordable -- nowhere even close to that of the traditional or corporate tutoring center.   Plans are available that allow for unlimited tutoring, whenever you need it, for as short or as long as required, for less than $3 per day.  Prices and plans that simply cannot be beat.

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