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Many students experience a form of math culture shock when first introduced to the subject of Geometry.  This math class is not what they expected.  Gone are the days of math drills and worksheets with hundreds of similar looking problems.  Now, problems require students to complete proofs and to justify their statements and reasoning.  They are introduced to what seems like thousands of different axioms and theorems that must be understood completely so they can be applied to the traditional two-column geometric proofs.

Most students have never even heard of a two column proof or have been asked to use reasoning and logic to justify statements in elementary or middle school. This is also the point where many parents are unable to provide assistance at home.  So, the student is usually left to his or her own to grasp the new material in a manner that will allow them to keep up with the usually quick pace of a high school geometry class.

Online Geometry Tutoring can be extremely beneficial for any student that is struggling to understand proofs and other geometry concepts.   By receiving one-to-one attention, an expert geometry tutor can quickly assess where a student is struggling and develop a plan to ensure success.   Receiving one-to-one instruction and being able to discuss problems with a teacher is beneficial in any math subject, but this is especially true with geometry concepts and proofs.  Having your online geometry tutor walk you a proof while explaining step by step can increase understanding and comprehension immediately. 

When I was learning Geometry, I can remember sitting in my room and reading over an example proof for over an hour. I just couldn't understand it.  Luckily for me, my mother was great at math and was always willing to help me when I needed it.  When I struggled with a proof I would take my book down to her and she would walk me through the solution. Not only did this help me to understand, but it also gave me great confidence that no matter what problem the teacher threw at me, I had someone at home who could help me understand if needed. 

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Luckily, you no longer need to pay the ridiculous rates of traditional private tutors or corporate tutoring centers.  These places can charge anywhere from $40-$75 per hour.  Who can afford that?

Instead, with Online Geometry Tutoring, you can receive hourly tutoring at much more affordable rates or even receive unlimited tutoring for a one low monthly fee. For the cost of one or two hours with a traditional tutor, you or your child can receive unlimited geometry tutoring, 24 hours per day.  And this is all done from the comfort and more importantly, the safety, of your own home. 

Many online tutoring services offer Geometry tutoring programs that are customized to the students needs.  You can also receive the same tutor every time.  Stuck on a Geometry proof at 11:30 PM the night before an exam?  You will have an expert Geometry tutor waiting to help. 

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