Combinations - Determine Number of Combinations

Worksheet (Algebra)

PDF: Algebra, Statistics & Probability - combinations

Combinations - Determine Number of Combinations Worksheet

This free probability worksheet contains problems on combinations. Students must use the theorem for combinations to calculate combinations and solve counting problems.


To find the number of combinations of n distinct objects taken r at a time


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Find the value:

1) C(7, 4)

3) C(21,19)

4) In how many ways may a committee of 4 be chosen from a group of 25?

5) From a group of 25 Democrats and 18 Republicans, how many committees consisting of 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans are possible if one of two specific Democrats is to be chairman?

6) On a baseball squad, there are 3 catchers, 5 pitchers, seven infielders and 7 outfielders. How many baseball mines can be formed?

8) In how many ways can a person get a bridge hand consisting of 2 aces, 1 king, 1 queen, 3 jacks, and the six other cards 10 or less?

11) How many tetrahedrons are determined by 9 points no four of which lie on the same plane?

13) Solve for n in the equation C(n + 2,4) = 6C(n,2)

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