Online Schools & Degrees for Teachers

Online Degrees for Teachers offer busy students and teachers a convenient way to receive a teaching degree and education without ever needing to step foot in a college classroom. Most programs can be completed 100% online.

On this page, you can find online teaching degree reviews, comparisons, and information on a variety of accredited universities that offer online degree programs for teachers. Whether you are looking for a Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, or Associates degree in Education or Teaching, there are a variety of trusted online schools with programs available. In this guide, you can find all the information you need on the top online teaching degree programs available.

Schools with Online Degrees for Teachers

Use the links above to view information on Universities and Colleges that offer online teaching degree programs.  Each page contains information on each school along with a list of degree programs available.

Online Teaching Degree Reviews 

Bachelor Degrees

Aspiring teachers! Research various online Bachelor's Degree programs in Education and Teaching from top-rated accredited online colleges and universities. Request free info on programs that best fit the subject and grade you aspire to teach.

Teaching Bachelor Degrees

Master Degrees

Career changers and current teachers needing to complete professional development requirements can find completely free information on teaching Master's Degree programs. All featured graduate degree programs can be completed online and in your spare time.

Teaching Master's Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Thinking about a Doctorate of Education degree? By becoming a Doctor of Education, you will be qualified to work as a superintendent, teacher educator, administrator, or other positions of leadership. Research and compare online Doctorate of Education degrees from accredited universities.

Teaching Doctoral Degrees

Associate Degrees

Not sure if teaching or a career in education is right for you? An Associates Degree in Education will help prepare you for a Bachelors or Master's degree and a career as a teacher. 

Associate Degrees

Teaching Requirements for various fields