Functions - Vertical Line Test & Mapping Diagrams

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PDF: Algebra - functions, vertical line test, mapping diagrams, domain, range

Functions - Vertical Line Test & Mapping Diagrams Worksheet

This free algebra worksheet, which was used as a note taking sheet in an Algebra classroom, contains problems on relations and functions. Vocabulary includes set, relation, domain, range, function, function rule and vertical line test. Students must identify functions using mapping diagrams and the vertical line test.


8. To determine if a relation is a function using vertical line test and mapping diagrams.


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set – A group of ________________, objects, or _____________.

domain – In a relation, the domain is all the ______________________.

range – the range is all the __________________________.

function –

A relation where each __________________ value (x) is paired with exactly one ___________________ value (y) is called a function. Is each relation a function?

Use a mapping diagram. Explain your answer.

Example 1: {(0, 1), (1, 2), (1, 3), (2, 4)}

Graph the relation shown in each table below. Is it a function? Use the vertical line test. Explain.

5. {(3, 0), (-2, 1), (0,-1), (-3, 2), (3, 2)}

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