Equations - Solve Equations for a Given Variable - Mean

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Equations - Solve Equations for a Given Variable - Mean Worksheet

This free algebra worksheet includes problems on solving equations for a given variable. There are also a few problems involving mean, median, and mode and a bonus distance-rate-time word problem.


3. To solve equations for given variables



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Solving Equations with multiple variables
Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Solve each equation for the given variable.

1. 4x + a = y; solve for a

5. 3y + 2x = z; solve for y

Write and solve an equation for each value of x

10. 5 7 4 x; mean is 6

Find the mean, median, mode, and range for each set of data.

11. Number of points scored in 6 football games: 34 20 17 13 13 14

13. Suppose your grades on three history exams are 82, 91, and 92. What grade do you need on your next exam to have a 90 average on the four exams? (hint: write an equation and solve.)

Bonus: Jimmy leaves his house at 1 P.M. and travels at a rate of 35 mi/h. Sally leaves the same house 1 hour later and travels at a rate of 50 mi/h. How long will it take Sally to catch Jimmy?


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