Equations - Word Problems - Model Real Life Situations with Equations

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Equations - Word Problems - Model Real Life Situations with Equations Worksheet

In this free algebra worksheet students must solve word problems by defining variables using a "let" statement, writing an equation, then solving.


To model real life situations with equations.


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Algebra 1
Modeling Real-Life Situations with Equations

Write an equation to model each situation. Define your variable using a “Let” statement, write an equation, then solve. Be sure to answer the question being asked.

1. In 1999, 189 physical therapists ran the NYC Marathon. This was 1048 fewer than the number of engineers who ran. How many engineers ran in the marathon?

3. Jessica has $50.00 she wants to spend on CDs, which are on sale for $13.50 each. How many CDs can she afford to buy?

6. Suppose you want to buy one pair of pants and several pairs of socks. The pants cost $25.00 and the socks are $5.00 per pair. How many pairs of socks can you buy if you have $50.00 to spend?

8. You are fencing a rectangle puppy kennel with 25 ft of fence. The side of the kennel against your house does not need a fence. This side is 9 ft. long. Find the dimensions of the kennel.

10. A hairdresser is considering ordering a certain shampoo. Company A charges $4 per bottle plus a $10 handling fee per order. Company B charges $3 per bottle plus a $25 handling fee. How many bottles must the hairdresser buy to justify using Company B?

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