Percent Problems and Equations

Worksheet (Pre-Algebra)

PDF: Pre-Algebra - percents

Percent Problems and Equations Worksheet

This Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet (old quiz) contains problems on finding percentages. Most problems are in "what-is-of" format, such as "61.8% of what number is 132?", which can be solved by setting up an equation. There are also three word problems.


6. To solve percent problems.



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Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet

1. 9 is what percent of 36?

3. 50% of what number is 73?

7. 61.8% of what number is 132?

11. 20 is what percent of 103?

17. Find 18.3% of the number 325.

19. The Pittsburgh Pirates expect to sell 70% of all possible tickets for an upcoming game at PNC park. There are 42,000 possible tickets. Around how many do the Pirates expect to sell? 20. The Pirates actually sold 38,000 tickets to the game. 38000 is what percent of the number of possible tickets (see number 19 for total possible tickets)?

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