Percent Problems - Equations & Proportions

Worksheet (Pre-Algebra)

PDF: Pre-Algebra - percents, proportions, equations

Percent Problems - Equations & Proportions Worksheet

This Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet contains problems involving percents. Problems include writing expressions as percents, finding a percentage of a given number, and solving a variety of word problems using percents.


6. To find percents and write expressions as percents.


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Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet
Percent Problems

Find the percent of each number. Use a proportion or an equation.

1) 82% of 75

2) 13.5% of 110

3) 3.8% of 160

8) 9.2% of 35

10) 0.8% of 125

13) The Woods family are taking a 2,430 mile trip. In the first three days, they have covered 25% of the trip. How many miles have they traveled so far? 14) Mandy bought a television on sale. The television usually costs $550.00, but was 75% of that price. How much did the TV cost?

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