Probability and Odds

Worksheet (Pre-Algebra)

PDF: Pre-Algebra - probability, odds

Probability and Odds Worksheet

This worksheet contains a number of problems on calculating probability and odds of different events. Problems include calculating probability, odds for and against an event, and open-ended questions that require the use of probability and odds to solve.


6. To find probability and odds for and against certain events.



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Find each probability for one roll of a 6-sided die. Express your answer as a fraction.

1. P(3)

5. P(not 1, 2, 3)

5) Find the probability of choosing a letter at random from the word MATHEMATICS


Express your answer as a percent. Round to the nearest percent.

7. P(K)

13. Your sock drawer is a mess. Twelve black socks and 6 red socks are mixed together. What is the chance (probability), without looking, you pick out a red sock? Express answer as a percent.

ODDS. The following items are problems involving odds.

A teacher chooses a student at random from a class made up of 10 boys and 15 girls. Find the odds in favor of each event.

15. Choosing a girl.

27. Your friend is tossing a coin. He says that heads and tails are equally likely outcomes, so the probability is 50/50. Explain your friends error.

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