Solving Proportions - Using Ratios

Worksheet (Pre-Algebra)

PDF: Pre-Algebra - ratios, proportions

Solving Proportions - Using Ratios Worksheet

This Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet contains problems on ratios and proportions. Students must solve proportions, determine if ratios form a proportion, find values that make ratios equal, and solve word problems involving ratios and proportions.


6. To solve proportions and work with problems involving ratios


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Solving Proportions

1-6) Are the ratios equal? Write = or ≠.

7-12) Solve the proportion.

17) Ribbon costs $3 for 15 in. How much would 3 ft of ribbon cost?

18) A microchip inspector found six defects in a batch containing 750 chips. How many defects should the inspector expect to find in a batch of 10,000 chips?

19) An office supply store charges $5.25 for 25 color copies. At this rate how much would 150 copies cost?

20) The cost of three posters is $9.60. Find the cost of 25 posters.

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