Scientific Notation - Write and Order Numbers

Worksheet (Algebra)

PDF: Algebra, Pre-Algebra - scientific notation

Scientific Notation - Write and Order Numbers Worksheet

This free algebra worksheet contains problems on scientific notation. Students must write numbers in scientific notation and standard notation. Problems also include ordering numbers written in scientific notation.


To complete problems on scientific notation and order numbers written in scientific notation


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Write each number in Standard Notation.

1.  2.35 × 105

Write each number in Scientific Notation.

4. 77,000,000

Order the numbers in each list from least to greatest.

7.   4.5 × 1015, 4.7  × 1014, 2.9 × 1015, 9.99 x 1014

Simplify. Write each number using Scientific Notation.

10. 5(18 × 10-2)

13. Explain why scientific notation is particularly helpful to astronomers who study distances among objects in space (4 points).

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