Writing Equations to Solve Problems

Worksheet (Pre-Algebra)

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Writing Equations to Solve Problems Worksheet

This Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet contains problems that can be solved by setting up an equation. Students must write equations for given situations and solve.


To solve problems by writing simple equations



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Free Pre-Algebra Worksheet

Writing Equations to Solve Problems

Write an equation for each problem.

Solve the equation.

1) A pair of shoes cost $5 more than a pair of sandals. The total cost for both is $99.90. Find the cost of the pair of shoes.

2) A pencil and pen together cost $1.75. If the pen costs .45 more than the pencil, how much does the pencil cost?

3) Michelle has $350 saved to pay for her surfing lessons. If a lesson costs $25, how many lessons can she afford with her savings?

4) A plain cheese pizza costs $10.25. Each addition topping costs $1.10. If a pizza costs $13.55, how many toppings are on the pizza?

5) The difference between 8 times a number and ½ of the number is 16. Find the number.

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