Derivatives - Implicit Differentiation - Chain Rule

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Derivatives - Implicit Differentiation - Chain Rule Worksheet

This free calculus worksheet contains problems where students must use the rules of differentiation such as the product rule, quotient rule, and chain rule to find the derivatives of functions. A couple problems contain trigonometry functions. Other problems contain functions with two variables and require the use of implicit differentiation to solve.


To find derivatives of functions using the chain rule and implicit differentiation


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Calculus – Differentiation – Implicit Derivatives

Find the derivative of the function.

1)  f(x) = 4x½ + 5x½

2)  g(x) = √(1 + 4x2)

6)  g(r) = cot√(3r)

Find dy/dx.

9)  x2 + y2 = 16

10)  x3 + y3 = 8xy

14)  y = cos(x - y)

16)  x sin y + y cos x = 1

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