Conditional Statements, Converses, Counterexamples, Truth Values

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PDF: Geometry - conditional statements, converses, counterexamples, truth values

Conditional Statements, Converses, Counterexamples, Truth Values Worksheet

This worksheet contains introductory questions on conditional statements and converses. Students are asked to name and identify the parts of a conditional statement (hypothesis & conclusion), to find the converse of a conditional, to determine the truth value of a statement, and provide counterexamples.


To idenify hypothesis and conclusions and find converses in conditional statements.


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Write the hypothesis and conclusion of each conditional.
1) If it rains, then the game will be cancelled.

2) If you do not sleep, you will be tired.

3) AB = BC if B is the midpoint of AC .

4) If x = -2, then x2 = 4

Show that each conditional is false by finding a counterexample.

5) If an animal is a bird, then it is a penguin. 6) If x > 2, then x > 5

7) If a number is divisible by 2, then it is divisible by 4.

Write the converse of each statement. If the converse is true, write true. If the converse is false, give a counterexample.

8) If two angles are right angles, then they are congruent.
9) If x + 20 = 25, then x = 5.

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