Special Parallograms - Rectangles, Rhombuses, Squares

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Special Parallograms - Rectangles, Rhombuses, Squares Worksheet

This worksheet requires the application of the properties of special parallelograms - rectangles, rhombuses, and squares. Students must match given properties to parallelograms, squares, rectangles, and rhombuses and use these properties to classify parallelograms and find missing values.


To use and apply the properties of special parallelograms.



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Complete the chart by places check marks in the appropriate places.

1) Opposite sides are parallel
2) Opposite sides are congruent
3) Opposite angles are congruent
4) A diagonal forms two congruent angles
5) Diagonals bisect each other
6) Diagonals are congruent
7) Diagonals are perpendicular
8) A diagonal bisects two angles
9) All angles are right angles
10) All sides are congruent

For each parallelogram, a) choose the best name then b) find the measures of the numbered angles.

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